Pune: BJP leader Chitra Wagh Criticizes CM For Not Taking Action In Missing Woman Patient Case

chitra wagh
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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, September 25, 2020: A woman who was undergoing treatment at the Jumbo COVID Center, Shivajinagar, has gone missing for the last 27 days. There has been no communication of the family with the woman while the administration says that the girl is not with us. BJP leader Chitra Wagh has expressed anger over this. 

“The Chief Minister says ‘my family, my responsibility’, then as the head of state, isn’t it the responsibility of the Chief Minister to look after state?” Wagh asked.

“The mother of the daughter is demanding for her daughter. When will her voice reach the Chief Minister’s house ‘Matoshree’? Priya Gaikwad disappeared from the Jumbo Covid Center. Her mother is on a hunger strike outside the hospital. At least sitting in ‘Matoshree’, Chief Minister should take these incidents seriously and take strict action,” she said.

What had exactly happened?

A Jumbo COVID Care Center has been set up at the College Of Engineering Pune (COEP) ground in Shivajinagar in the backdrop of increasing coronavirus (Covid-19) patients in Pune. A young woman named Priya Gaikwad was admitted to this COVID Center for treatment. However, even after 27 days, her family has not been able to communicate with her. Due to this, the family of the woman has started a protest outside the COVID Center as the administration is not giving proper information about it.

Ragini Surendra Gamare, the mother of the missing girl, said, “My daughter Pooja was admitted to COVID Center in Shivajinagar on August 29 for treatment. Then in the evening, I received a call from the hospital that your daughter is not listening, so you should come here. After that, I met the doctor on August 30 and he said she will be discharged on 13th September. Accordingly, I came here again on the 13th to take my daughter, but I was told my daughter is not here for treatment. After that, when I tried to get information about my daughter from the management they did not reply properly. What happened to my daughter, 27 days have passed and I haven’t talked to her.”

 Rubal Agarwal, Additional Commissioner, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), said, “We have taken information about the case of the girl. The work of this COVID centre was given to the LifeLine organization at that time. Therefore, we have requested information from them. The organization has been instructed to send a report on the matter to the administration and the police.”