Pune: Bogus Doctor Cheats Woman On Lure Of Marriage

Wakad police station
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Pune, 23rd August 2022: A PhD holder contacted a divorced woman counsellor through a matrimonial website with a fake name. He lured her into marriage by saying that he was a doctor in America. After that, the woman was cheated of Rs 12.29 lakhs for various reasons.

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In this case, a Congolese woman belonging to a foreign gang was arrested by the Wakad police from Delhi. Rashi, a fortune-teller, was arrested in this case at Wakad police station.


The woman’s name is Biu Nyamambelo Octvi (age 28, Pipap currently residing in Bangalore, native of Congo). One more accused is absconding in this case.


According to the police, the complainant woman is a PhD holder and is working as a counsellor for children. Taking information from a matrimonial dating app, the accused, Dr Arjun, contacted the plaintiff woman.

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The counsellor woman complained about this matter at Wakad police station. Arjun contacted the plaintiff woman. Riyadi was told that he is a cosmetic surgeon doctor in the USA. They gained the plaintiff’s trust by showing that they were going to marry the plaintiff and come and settle in India. The accused forced the plaintiff to send medicinal seeds from Bangalore for her mother’s illness.


Forcing the plaintiff, the accused said he was coming to India with the purchase manager of the US company to buy those seeds. The accused told the plaintiff that he was caught at the airport in India as he did not have a green card in his passport and the customs officer seized his dollars. The accused forced the plaintiff to pay Rs.12.29 lakh and said he was ill.


In the investigation of the registered crime, it was learned that the accused was committing the crime from Bangalore by taking technical information. According to this, the Wakad police went to Bangalore in January 2022 and investigated and found the accused. At that time, it was learned that the accused woman had gone abroad a month ago, and her partner who was living with her was staying there. At that time, when the night trap was set, he managed to escape by taking advantage of the darkness and making her ‘LOC’ on the passport of the woman.


Accordingly, the accused woman was detained at the Delhi airport. After that, the accused woman was arrested by Wakad Police on 19 August 2022 from Delhi. Under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Anand Bhoite, Assistant Commissioner of Police Shrikant Disle, Senior Police Inspector of Wakad Satyawan Mane, Police Inspector Santosh Patil, Assistant Inspector S. M. Patil, Sambhaji Jadhav, police officer Deepak, the case was solved.

Women and youths must be alert after registering their names on the ‘Matrimonial’ website or dating app. The accused choose divorced or needy women and lure them by introducing them through dating apps. By gaining the trust of women, they cheat them financially by making them feel emotionally stable. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the information of the person who has been contacted through the ‘matrimonial’ website or dating app, calls, or emails, is correct. Also, inform the family or close ones before giving any kind of response to such persons. “If you feel suspicious, you should contact the police”, the police have appealed.