Pune: Bombshell Found Buried During Excavation Work For Bridge Construction In Hinjawadi

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Varad Bhatkhande

Hinjawadi, 3rd April 2024: During bridge construction work on Maan-Marunji road in the Hinjawadi Police Station limits, a tank bomb shell was discovered. The Hinjawadi Police seized the bombshell and handed it over to the Ministry of Defence.

Senior Police Inspector Kanhaiya Thorat informed that during excavation work behind Blue Ridge Society on Maan-Marunji road, a bomb-like object was unearthed by a JCB on Monday. The police were promptly notified of the discovery.

Upon arrival at the scene, Hinjawadi Police conducted a thorough inspection and discovered the front part of a bombshell buried in the soil. Due to the apparent age of the bombshell, it was deemed necessary to transfer it safely to the Ministry of Defence for inspection and disposal.

This incident follows a similar discovery four months ago when an old hand grenade was found in Baner during construction work on the Shivajinagar-Hinjawadi metro line. Metro officials promptly informed the police, leading to the safe removal of the bomb by the Chatushrungi Police and the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS). It is believed to be of British origin.