Pune: Training Session for Election Officers in Chinchwad Emphasizes Adherence to Model Code of Conduct

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Chinchwad, 3rd April 2024: Deepak Singla, the Additional Commissioner of PMRDA and Election Returning Officer of Maval Lok Sabha Constituency, issued a stern directive instructing all officers and employees engaged in election duties to strictly adhere to the model code of conduct.

Under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Assistant Returning Officer in Thergaon, a training session was organized for Sector Officers representing the Chinchwad Vidhan Sabha Constituency, falling within the Maval Lok Sabha Constituency. The session, held at Shankar Gawade Kamgar Bhavan, saw Singla guiding the attendees. Present at the training were Assistant Election Returning Officer Vitthal Joshi, Tehsildar Amol Kadam, Coordination Officer Ajinkya Yele, Executive Engineer Bapu Gaikwad, and Deputy Engineer Prakash Katore, among others.

Singla emphasized the need for swift facilitation of voting for the elderly, disabled, and women on the actual polling day, underscoring the importance of ensuring their participation.

Joshi furnished comprehensive information to the sector officials concerning the polling station’s overall preparation, encompassing pre-polling, polling, and post-polling procedures.

Kadam offered detailed guidance on the polling station’s conditions and the necessary measures to be implemented, including the handling and deposit of voting materials.

Gaikwad and Katore provided hands-on training to the participants in the operation of voting machines, covering aspects like sealing and commissioning. A practical demonstration of voting machine handling was conducted using 40 available machines.

The training session was attended by 48 Sector Officers, 48 Assistants, and 5 Reserve Sector Officers. Additionally, five of these sector officers received training as master trainers at the district level, acquiring expertise in voting machine operations. Following this, trainees were engaged in practical exercises, further solidifying their understanding of voting machine handling procedures.