Pune: Burglary at Businessman’s Residence in Aundh, Over Rs 38 Lakhs Worth of Valuables Stolen

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Aundh, 19th August 2023: A substantial theft occurred at the residence of a local businessman situated in the Aundh area, resulting in the loss of gold ornaments and cash totaling Rs 38.5 lakhs.


The victim, an entrepreneur operating within the fertilizer manufacturing sector, promptly lodged a formal complaint at the Chatushringi police station. The complainant is the proprietor of a company that maintains a warehouse in the Sangli region.


Currently, the operational reins of the business are in the hands of the entrepreneur’s son. The family’s residence, nestled in close proximity to Spicer School in Aundh, became the target of the criminal activity.


Intruders managed to infiltrate the premises, specifically targeting the bedroom closet. Subsequent investigations unveiled that jewelry with an estimated value of Rs 27.5 lakhs and a substantial cash sum amounting to Rs 38.5 lakhs had been pilfered from the cupboard.


Upon receiving notification of the incident, police swiftly dispatched officers to the scene. To aid in the ongoing investigation, police authorities have secured the footage captured by the residence’s CCTV cameras. Preliminary indications suggest a degree of familiarity with the premises on the part of the perpetrators.


Assistant Police Inspector Narendra Patil has been assigned the responsibility of leading the investigation.


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