Pune Businessman Murdered in Guwahati Hotel; Two Arrested for Alleged Role

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Guwahati/Pune, 7th February 2024: Two individuals, a woman identified as Anjali Shaw (25) and a man named Vikash Kumar Shaw (30), were arrested on Tuesday for their alleged involvement in the murder of Sandeep Suresh Kamble (45), a Pune-based diamond and car businessman, at a five-star hotel in Guwahati.

The Guwahati police revealed that the unfortunate incident stemmed from a complex relationship between Sandeep and Anjali, who first crossed paths at Kolkata airport during one of Sandeep’s business trips in September 2023. The duo developed a close bond, and Sandeep captured intimate moments with Anjali on his cellphone.

Trouble arose when Sandeep, who was married, proposed to Anjali for marriage. Anjali, employed at a restaurant, declined the proposal, citing her existing relationship with Vikash Kumar Shaw. The situation escalated when Sandeep, unable to persuade Anjali, resorted to collecting phone numbers of her family members and sent them the intimate photographs.

Anjali and Vikash devised a plan to retrieve Sandeep’s phone. Inviting Sandeep to Kolkata, Anjali, however, convinced him to go to Guwahati instead. Vikash, being informed of the plan, arrived at the hotel and booked a separate room. The events unfolded on Monday, with the trio checking into a five-star hotel in Guwahati.

The tragic turn occurred when, at 3:45 pm on Monday, the hotel received an anonymous call reporting a guest in need of urgent medical attention. Upon entering the room, hotel staff discovered Sandeep lying on the floor in a pool of blood, prompting immediate police intervention.

Guwahati Police Commissioner Diganta Barah stated, “After receiving the call, the hotel staff entered the room only to find the victim lying on the floor in a pool of blood.”

Subsequent scrutiny of CCTV footage led to the detention of Anjali and Vikash. During interrogation, the duo confessed to killing Sandeep, asserting that their intention was not to harm him but to retrieve his cellphone.