Pune: Car Fire Sparks Panic at Festive Gathering In Khed

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Khed, 12th February 2024: A Maruti car parked along the roadside in Wada, Khed became engulfed in flames, causing panic among residents and passersby. The incident occurred during the celebration of Dharmanath Maharaj on Sunday (11th February).

Satish Nimse, a resident of Kanhewadi in Khed, had driven his Maruti car bearing registration number MH 14 JM 6845 to Wada to partake in the festivities. As Nimse immersed himself in the enjoyment of the bullock cart races organized for the occasion, his parked car suddenly erupted into flames.

Eyewitnesses reported hearing a loud noise as the fire swiftly consumed the vehicle, generating small sparks that added to the alarm. Despite the efforts of onlookers, the intensity of the blaze deterred any attempts to approach the car. The absence of a nearby fire extinguisher worsens the situation, destroying the vehicle within a short period.

The escalating situation prompted concerned citizens from Bailgada Ghat to rush to the scene. Their efforts to contain the fire were thwarted, and the authorities were compelled to intervene. Police presence was required to manage the burgeoning crowd, ensuring safety protocols were maintained, albeit their attempts to extinguish the flames were unsuccessful. Amidst the chaos and destruction, there were no reported injuries or loss of life.