Pune: Chikhalwadi-Sangamwadi Water Tanks Progress With Defence Nod

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Pune, 1st January 2024: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is making swift progress on the construction of two water tanks aimed at providing ample water supply to the residents of the Chikhalwadi-Sangamwadi area. The acquisition of land for these tanks faced challenges as they were planned near the Defence Area’s border, requiring approval. However, with the Ministry of Defence granting space and issuing a no-objection certificate (NOC), the construction has gained momentum, promising enhanced water supply to the citizens in the new year.

Currently, the Chikhalwadi-Sangamwadi area receives water from Chaturshringi, but the long-distance limits the water supply to this locality where more than 60 citizens reside. Responding to the citizens’ appeal for a sustainable solution, the PMC initiated the construction of a 35 lakh litre water tank in Chikhalwadi three years ago. However, the Ministry of Defence opposed the tank’s construction, requiring an NOC for the project to proceed.

With persistent efforts from the Water Supply and Pumping Department, led by Junior Engineer Rajesh Bhutkar, the NOC has been successfully obtained. This development paves the way for the completion of the five-and-a-half-kilometre water pipeline along with the water tank by June. As a result, the long-standing water problem in the area is expected to be resolved, bringing relief to the citizens.

Despite the challenges posed by the growing city and the limitations in infrastructure provision, PMC is actively addressing issues such as water supply, garbage management, electricity, and drainage. The water problem in the Chikhalwadi-Sangamwadi area is a case in point, and the ongoing efforts by the PMC aim to overcome such challenges and enhance the quality of life for residents.

The Equitable Water Supply Scheme, with an estimated cost of Rs 2,515 crore, underscores PMC’s commitment to providing equitable water distribution across the city and curbing water leakage. Over the past four years, the scheme has involved the installation of 83 water tanks, 1650 km of water channels, and 3.18 lakh water meters throughout the city.