Pune: Maharashtra Labour Department Issues Notice To TCS After Complaint Against Unethical Transfer Practices Affecting Over 2000 Employees

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 1st January 2024: The Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) has lodged a formal complaint with the Ministry of Labour and Employment against Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) for its alleged unethical transfer practices.

Following this, the Maharashtra State Government Labour Department has issued a notice to TCS regarding the same. A meeting is scheduled between TCS management, NITES and labour department on 18th January 2024.

NITES, representing IT workers, claims to have received over 300 complaints asserting that TCS is compelling more than 2000 employees to relocate to different cities without adequate notice or consultation. This has led to substantial hardships for the affected employees and their families. Reportedly, the company has employed disciplinary threats to enforce compliance with the transfers and has now stopped the salary of employees opposing these forced relocations.

Harpreet Singh Saluja, President of NITES, condemned TCS’s actions, describing them as illegal tactics that give employees the ultimatum of either accepting forced transfers or resigning from their positions. Saluja emphasizes the company’s disregard for the financial difficulties, family disruptions, and emotional stress caused by these transfers.

NITES has formally requested the Ministry of Labour and Employment to conduct an investigation into TCS’s transfer practices, examining whether they violate labor laws. The organization calls for appropriate action to be taken against TCS if any violations are found, and it urges the formulation of new policies and regulations to safeguard IT workers from such unethical transfer practices.

In a statement, Saluja affirms, “All IT workers deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.” NITES vows to continue advocating for the rights of IT workers, ensuring they are not subjected to unethical practices, particularly forced transfers.

This report will be updated after getting version of TCS.