Pune: Chitra Wagh Graces Badminton Masters Tournament, Inspires Women Players

players with Chitra wagh
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Pune, 6th January 2024: The inaugural Badminton Masters Players Association Tournament is currently taking place from January 4th to January 7th, 2024.

Today, on the third day of the tournament, Chitra Wagh, State President-BJP Maharashtra Mahila Morcha , attended the event to distribute prizes to the winners and runners-up. She also took the opportunity to interact with participants hailing from different parts of the country. She spent half an hour at the venue, offering special encouragement to women players.

Raj Singh Chitra Wagh

The organizing team, led by Secretary Veerpal Singh Verma and consisting of Executive SP Singh, Sudhir Goyal, Raj Singh, Ramesh Sharma, and Tournament Coordinator Ajay Raval, warmly welcomed Mrs. Chitra during her visit.

chitra wagh with badminton players