Pune: Citizens Form Human Chain To Demand Civic Facilities in NIBM Road, Undri, Mohamadwadi Area

Pune: Citizens Form Human Chain To Demand Civic Facilities in NIBM Road, Undri, Mohamadwadi Area
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Kondhwa, 27th May 2023: In a powerful display of unity and determination, the citizens of NIBM Road, Undri, and Mohamadwadi areas joined hands today to form a human chain, symbolizing their collective demand for essential city facilities. Despite residing within the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) jurisdiction for many years, residents in these areas have been enduring the absence of basic services.


This grassroots movement, organized by concerned citizens at Kadnagar chowk, aims to draw attention to the long-standing grievances faced by the residents of this side of the city. Not affiliated with any non-governmental organization (NGO) or political entity, the call to action originated from within the community itself.


The participants of the human chain, representing various age groups and backgrounds, are united and determined to bring about the change they deserve. Their presence has sent a strong message to the authorities that their patience has worn thin and immediate action is required to address the pressing issues.


One of the organizers highlighted the need for the residents to become a “flash mob” that stands away from the roads, holding placards or simply being present. It is through this visible and unified presence that their voices will be heard, leaving no room for continued neglect.


Residents emphasized that the larger the citizen groups that join the movement, the quicker they can expect to see improvements in the provision of essential services. By coming together and demanding their rights, they hope to expedite the process of obtaining the much-needed city facilities.


The message is clear: it is time for the authorities to acknowledge the grievances of these residents and take immediate steps to address the lack of city facilities. The citizens have taken matters into their own hands, demonstrating that collective action is the path to a brighter and more inclusive future.