Pune: Citizens Protest And Demand Action Against Damage To Pashan-Baner Hills For Construction Of New Road

Citizens Protest And Demand Action Against Damage To Pashan-Baner Hills
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Pune, 11th December 2022: Today various social organizations and citizens of Pashan, Baner, Aundh, Someshwarwadi, Sutarwadi, Bavdhan, Sus, and Mahalunge areas gathered in large numbers to protest against damage to the Pashan-Baner hills for construction of new road.


Pashan-Baner Hill road was constructed by Smart City in 2019 from the Venezia Society Highway to the Pancard Club Baner area. It is approximately 30 to 35 feet high and 100 meters long. A joint meeting of Smart City, Pune Municipal Corporation, Municipal Corporation representatives, and local citizens was held at Bhimsen Joshi Theatre in July when citizens noticed that hill was broken. The then Smart City CEO Rajendra Jagtap admitted to everyone that the hill was broken by mistake. Smart City and Pune Municipal Corporation, in the same meeting, assured the citizens that breaking the hill was a mistake and that the area would not be damaged by the new road. Citizens believed them at the time and demanded that the broken hill be restored.

To keep the hill safe in the future, a statement with signatures of 6,000 citizens was also given to the Smart City Chief and Pune Municipal Commissioner, as well as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra State.


However, in December, citizens noticed that the road work started in the same hillock area. It undermined the confidence of citizens. Citizens gathered in large numbers, demanding action against concerned authorities. According to the government order of 2015, only nine meters of the road can be constructed in the BDP area without causing any damage to the hill with the permission of the municipal commissioner. The local citizens have stated that the nine-meter road should be built in the area without breaking the hill.

V. G. Kulkarni, Pune Municipal Road Department Chief, and concerned officials were called today to negotiate with the citizens at the hillock, but they did not turn up.


Citizens have made the following demands regarding Pashan-Baner Hill to the Pune Municipal Commissioner:


1. The road work in hilly areas should be stopped immediately.


2. Punitive action should be taken against those making the road on the hill.


3. The hill should be counted and marked through the Collector’s office in the presence of citizens.


4. The broken hill should be restored.


5. A permanent solution should be planned to ensure that the hills (i.e. the lungs of Pune) are safe in the future.


“A firm stand was taken that we would come together in large numbers if necessary to avoid future pollution and loss of life. If any harm is done, a big protest will be raised. Even if we have to fight a court battle, we will do it,” protestors said.