Pune: Cobra Snake Found In Handle Of Bike, Youth Got Handle Opened After Hearing ‘Strange’ Sound

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Indapur, 6th August 2021: A man going home by bike suddenly heard a strange sound coming from the handle. This voice was that of a hiss. He took the bike to a garage and when he opened its handle, a poisonous cobra snake was seen in it.

The incident happened with Professor Sopan Bhong, a resident of Nimagaon Ketki village in Indapur tehsil of Pune district. Sopan said that he was returning home after finishing the farm work as usual on Tuesday. As soon as he increased the speed of the bike, a strange sound was heard. At first, he did not pay attention, but when the sound increased, he thought that something was stuck in the handle. After this, when he removed the cover of the handle, a poisonous cobra was found trapped in it.

The snake was not able to come out due to being trapped in the pipe of the handle. Seeing him, the professor got scared but he gathered courage and took the bike to the garage.

After which the headlight cover was opened after calling a snake-catcher and the snake trapped in it was pulled out. This was an Indian cobra snake of 5 feet length which was released in the forest.