Pune Collector Office Launches Campaign To Provide NA Certificate To Land Holders Within 200 Meters Radius Of Gaothan

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Pune, 24th December 2022: In a step to provide relief to construction in the newly merged villages in Pune, Pune District Collector Dr Rajesh Deshmukh has appealed to citizens that any land within a radius of 200 meters from the Village Gaothan (Residential Zone) of any village or area allocated for the residential developable zone in the final regional plan by the development authority can be made non-agricultural (NA) by paying the applicable fee to the government.

Accordingly, after necessary actions, any such land within an area of 200 meters from the village Gaothan shall be deemed fit to be converted to non-agricultural use or for residential purposes subject to the development control rules applicable to that area.

If the land belongs to an occupant Class-II lien, it shall be deemed to have been converted to non-agricultural use as per the provisions of the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code by paying the consideration (Nazrana) or premium and other government dues for non-agricultural conversion of such land.

To support the public in this regard, Pune Collectorate will be initiating a dedicated campaign. The campaign is for the convenience of the citizens. Once the applicant completes the application process, Sanad will be issued in the prescribed form within 60 days from the date of payment of the fees by the occupier. Accordingly, the land as per application will be deemed to be non-agricultural.

The District Collector has appealed to the public to take advantage of this scheme.



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