Pune: Company Loses Rs 24 Lakhs To Deceitful Employees, FIR Registered

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Nigdi Pradhikaran, 11th February 2024: A company based in Nigdi Pradhikaran, has been defrauded of a staggering sum of ₹24 lakhs by two employees operating within its account department. The deceitful scheme transpired between April 1st and April 17th, 2023, prompting a concerned woman to lodge a formal complaint with the Nigdi Police Station.

The accused individuals, identified as Ganesh alias Mayur Dhawade, aged 34 and a female accomplice, capitalized on their positions within the company to execute the fraudulent activities. Ganesh, entrusted with overseeing the entirety of the company’s account department, allegedly collaborated with his female counterpart, responsible for managing expenses related to new projects at the International Film Institute located in Bhel Chowk.

According to police investigations, the accused duo abused their positions of trust by siphoning off a total of ₹24,30,828 from the company’s account through a combination of cash withdrawals and check transactions. Their actions went undetected as they manipulated the trust of the company’s management and owner.

The Nigdi police have initiated a thorough investigation into the matter.