Pune: Connecting India Trust’s Initiative Saves 5080 Lives From Suicidal Thoughts In Past Year

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Pune, 9th September 2023: Connecting India Trust, an organization dedicated to providing emotional support, has made a significant impact in the battle against suicide, preventing 5080 individuals from contemplating ending their lives over the past year. The initiative emphasizes the importance of emotional support during times of extreme stress and despair, aiming to provide a lifeline for those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

The organization’s CEO, Sukhda Khisti, spoke about the importance of this initiative in light of World Suicide Prevention Day, celebrated annually on September 10. She stressed the need for understanding and support for individuals facing emotional turmoil, asserting that judgment and advice should be set aside in favor of empathetic listening.

“Suicide is a tragic outcome of emotional distress, and it is our duty to provide a helping hand to those in need,” Khisti stated. “Many individuals grappling with suicidal thoughts believe that they have no one to turn to, that they will not be understood or accepted. Connecting offers a safe space for individuals to express their feelings without judgment, advice, or disclosure of personal information.”

The rising suicide rate in India is a matter of concern, with Maharashtra having the highest number of suicides in the country, totaling 164,000 annually. Every day, 28 students in India take their own lives, highlighting the urgency of addressing this issue. Various factors, including financial troubles, relationship stress, loneliness, and unmet expectations, contribute to a person’s emotional distress, ultimately leading to suicidal thoughts.


Khisti urged society to avoid passing judgment, to act as empathetic listeners, and to support organizations like Connecting Trust in their mission to provide emotional support to those in crisis. The organization operates a helpline that allows individuals to freely express their stress and emotions without receiving advice or judgment. The helpline operates from 10 am to 8 pm and can be reached at 9922004305 or 9922001122. Additionally, individuals can communicate through email at [email protected] and arrange in-person visits by contacting 8484033312.

In the fiscal year 2022-23, Connecting Trust provided emotional support to 5883 individuals. The majority of callers were male, constituting 68 percent of the total, while female callers made up 38 percent. The most common reasons for seeking support included family problems (24 percent), relationship tension (25 percent), mental stress (13 percent), job and career-related issues (9 percent), and educational problems (8 percent). The age group seeking the most support fell between 18 to 35 years old, and the organization received 803 requests for emotional support via email.

Connecting India Trust continues to make strides in offering a beacon of hope to those in despair, working tirelessly to prevent suicide and provide a lifeline to those in need.


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