Pune: Constitution day observed at VAMNICOM

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Pune, 26th November, 2023: Today  in the campus of Vaikunth Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management (VAMNICOM) in presence of all faculties, staffs and PGDM-ABM students to commemorate the officially acceptance of constitution of India on 26th November, 1949 by constituent assembly.

R.K. Menon, Registrar in his opening remark informed the gathering that Indian constitution is the largest and vibrant written constitution adopted by any sovereign democratic country in the world. It was prepared by Shri B.R. Ambedkar and members of constituent assembly. Motive of celebration behind celebration of this day is to educate and remind the citizen about the importance of constitutions and relentless efforts of the Drafting Committee to bestow upon a social, cultural, religious freedom to citizen of India. He also said that it is duty of citizen of India to read and understand the importance of Indian constitution.

Dr. A.K Asthana, Associate Professor recited the preamble of constitution which was repeated by gathering in the campus. Dr. A.K. Asthana emphasized on the connection of constitution of India to the cooperative society. Our constitution advocate democratic system and one out of seven cooperative principles is “ Democratic Member Control”. So, it can infer that constitution of India through its democratic value is DNA of governance and management of cooperatives till today. After the creation of Ministry of Cooperation on 6th July, 2021, Prime Minister,  Narendra Modi and Home Minister and Cooperative Minister,  Amit Shah created an enabling environment for integration of cooperative economy with national and international economy. This agenda can be met with value based management of cooperatives on the seven principles of Cooperation so observation of constitution day become very relevant for charting the progress of cooperatives in coming years, he added.