Pune Court Grants Protective Order to Woman Facing Domestic Violence, Bars Husband’s From Entering House

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Pune, 15th September 2023: In a significant ruling, the court has taken a strong stance against a man accused of assaulting and harassing his wife. JMFC VP Khandare presided over a petition filed by a woman seeking protection from her husband, resulting in an order prohibiting any contact or entry by the husband.

The woman had endured relentless harassment and abuse at the hands of her spouse, driven by unwarranted suspicions about her character.

Fearing for her safety, the woman sought refuge under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Her plea for immediate protection was submitted through legal representatives Ad Pushkar Patil and Ad Pranav Mate. The advocates, leveraging precedents established by the Supreme Court, presented compelling evidence and arguments to support the woman’s cause, urging the court to bar her husband from entering their shared residence.

While the opposing party’s advocates were given an opportunity to present their case, they chose not to voice their defense. In light of this, the plaintiff’s legal team pressed for the court to issue an interim order.

In response, the court took decisive action, granting an order that explicitly bars the husband from making any form of contact with his wife and from entering her residence.