Pune-Daund Railway Line to Operate Trains at 130 km/h, Reduce Travel Time By 10 Minutes

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Pune, 27th August 2023: Efficiency is set to be injected into the Pune-Daund train route as Central Railway’s General Manager, Naresh Lalwani, has issued a directive to boost the speed of railway trains to 130 km per hour on this stretch. This strategic move aims to reduce travel time by 10 minutes, ultimately resulting in a more streamlined and expedited journey for passengers commuting between the two destinations.


Recent enhancements to the track’s capacity on the Pune-Daund railway line have paved the way for this decision. Chief Safety Commissioner of the Central Division, Manoj Arora, meticulously evaluated the route and furnished valuable recommendations. The Pune Railway Administration dutifully implemented these suggestions, obtaining the approval of the Chief Safety Commissioner.


With the official green light secured, General Manager Naresh Lalwani personally assessed the route, leading to his authorization for trains to operate at a speed of 130 km per hour. This strategic acceleration is poised to benefit travelers by conserving valuable time during their journeys.


The introduction of this higher speed limit of 130 km per hour will be initiated on select trains traversing the Pune-Daund railway line, effectively commencing this coming Monday. Over the course of the following days, the goal is to gradually extend this speed enhancement to encompass all passenger trains utilizing this route. Brijesh Kumar Singh, Additional Divisional Railway Manager in Pune, affirmed this progression, highlighting the forthcoming potential for an overall enhancement in commuting efficiency.