Pune: Decision To Rent Out Amenity Spaces Is Dangerous- MP Vandana Chavan

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Shivajinagar, 19th August 2021: The BJP, which is in power in the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), has proposed to lease 183 amenity spaces in Pune. This decision, which is very dangerous for the city, needs to be strongly opposed by the people of Pune, said MP Vandana Chavan.


“The reservations in the city development plan, as well as the amenity space, are for civic amenities but since the amenity space is not reserved for a specific purpose, anyone can use it for any purpose. This requires a ‘master plan’ of the amenity space.


Earlier also, the Municipal Commissioner had been instructed to make a ‘master plan’ for the amenity space. Irrespective of these suggestions, the proposal on a rent basis has been brought before the Standing Committee for approval”, she added.


The pollution of Pune city is increasing rapidly and it will continue to increase. Trees are cut down in the name of development but not in proportion – the 74th Amendment mandates that municipalities develop ‘urban forests’. Once the construction is done, the process of water seeping into the ground stops completely – the consequences of which have been felt in the post-monsoon flood situation. There is an urgent need for all to come together and oppose this proposal, said Vandana Chavan.


Meanwhile, Standing Committee chairman Hemant Rasane today directed the departments concerned to inquire and collect data about various properties leased out by them.

The Estate and Management Department has already leased out 266 properties. The outstanding rent from 1,625 properties amounts to Rs 34.48 crore. In all, Rs 53.50 crore is outstanding if the current financial year’s dues are also added to it.