Pune: Defence Estates Directorate Seals Two Bungalows Worth Rs 150 Crores In Camp For Illegal Sale

Sealed bungalow in Camp
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Camp, 12th January 2024: In a historic move by the Defence Estates Directorate, Southern Command, two prime bungalows situated on defence properties, with an estimated market value of approximately Rs 150 crores, were sealed today. This marks a significant step as the directorate takes strict action against the unauthorized sale of defence bungalow properties to builders, high-net-worth individuals, and influential personalities.

The first property, Old Grant Bungalow (OGB) number 15, located on Stavely Road, spans 2 acres and is valued at Rs 100 crores. The second, Bungalow number 22 on Napier Road in Pune Cantonment, is also estimated at Rs 50 crores. The Defence Estates Directorate is on a mission to combat unauthorized transactions involving defence properties, initiating takeover proceedings and sealing properties to prevent further loss to landsharks.

Director Saurav Ray emphasized the importance of rectifying past and present violations, stating, “These bungalows are precious national assets, and our mission to rectify past and present violations has begun in mission mode. Each bungalow case shall be carefully scrutinized, and violators strongly taken to task.”

Ray highlighted that these cases involve fraud, as the building sanctions were obtained in the name of the Holder of Rights (HOR) while the properties were acquired illegally. The Defence Estates Directorate is determined to investigate and address these violations.

Bungalow no 15 Stavely road sealed
Bungalow no 15 Stavely road Camp in Pune

The Stavely Road property, a luxury high-ceiling bungalow, is centrally located in Pune Camp, near top business establishments. The directorate had previously instructed the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) CEO to demolish unauthorized construction on the property, but the occupant filed an appeal, leading to the sealing of the bungalow. The directorate directed the PCB CEO to take immediate action to seal the bungalow in coordination with DEO Pune.

Regarding the Napier Road bungalow, the directorate ordered the DEO, Pune, to issue a final notice and sought an affidavit from the current occupant. If the affidavit is not submitted, the bungalow is to be sealed immediately. The sale deed of the Napier Road bungalow reveals an illegal sale to a businessman from Gultekdi for Rs 7.50 crores. The directorate has escalated the matter to the highest levels of the government, citing criminal sale of defence property.

The Defence Estates Directorate is actively addressing these cases to preserve national assets and uphold the integrity of defence properties. The IGR office documents indicate irregularities in the sale of the Napier Road bungalow, prompting a thorough investigation by DEO officials.