NIA Awards Rs 10 Lakhs Cash Prize to 5 Pune Policemen for Apprehending Two Terrorists in Kothrud Last Year

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Mubarak Ansari

Pune, 12th January 2024: The vigilant personnel of Kothrud police station apprehended two men associated with the ‘Sufa’ terrorist organization during a routine patrol on 18th July 2023. The subsequent investigation unveiled a major conspiracy to execute attacks similar to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks across the country.

In recognition of their commendable work, the National Investigation Agency (NIA) awarded a cash reward to these five diligent policemen. NIA officer Praveen Ingawale felicitated them in the presence of Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr, presenting them with the prize money.

The Pune ‘ISIS Module’ came to light due to the proactive measures taken by the Pune Police. Consequently, critical information about various terrorist activities fell into the hands of investigative agencies, highlighting the significance of Pune Police’s actions.

The two terrorists, who had been declared fugitives by the NIA, were apprehended thanks to the quick thinking of police constables Amol Najan and Pradeep Chavan during a routine patrol. They intercepted the terrorists, who were attempting to steal a vehicle, and enlisted the assistance of Police Constables Balarafi Shaikh, Aniket Jamdade, and Dnyaneshwar Panchal. Subsequent searches at the suspects’ residences revealed their involvement in anti-national conspiracies orchestrated by the terrorist organization.

The investigation was later transferred to the ATS and subsequently to the NIA, which meticulously unraveled the plot. The inquiry exposed the Maharashtra module of ISIS, averting a major crisis in the country. In recognition of their efforts, a cash reward of ten lakh rupees (which was earlier announced as reward amount for information about the two terrorists) and certificates were bestowed upon these five policemen by NIA. Senior Police Inspector Hemant Patil, in-charge of Kothrud police station, and Police Inspector Nilima Pawar received a certificate as well.