Pune: Delay In Temghar Dam Repair Work Results In Decreased Water Storage 

Khadakwasla Dam
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Pune, 19th April 2021: As there is a delay in repairing the work of the Temghar dam resulted in a decrease in water storage of the dam. The water resources department said currently there is only 1 TMC additional water remaining in the dam, which will further decrease once the water is being released for farming after some days.


Temghar Dam is a part of the Khadakwasla dam project which provides drinking water for the Pune district. For the last 3 years, repair work has been carried by the authority at the dam. But it’s been delayed for various reasons. Currently, 80 percent of repairing work has been done on the dam and the remaining work will take another year to complete. Hence the water collected in this dam has been transferred to another dam by the water resources department. Therefore as of now, the dam has only 0.45 TMC water in it which will decrease further after the water is released after 10 days, said the official.


The water resources the department always complains about additional water is being released for Pune Municipal Corporation than the given quota.


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Meanwhile, on February 20, 2021, the dam project had 21.29 TMC water after releasing water for irrigation. On 18th April 2021, the project has 13.86 TMC water. Nearly 7.5 TMC water has been utilized within 2 months as shown by the data.


Water storage (in TMC) of Khadakwasla dam project since last two years


Dam 2021 2020

Khadakwasla 0.36 0.97

Panshet 6.60 6.14

Warasgaon 6.54 5.70

Temghar 0.45 00

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