Pune: Demolition of Sadhu Vaswani Bridge Begins in Koregaon Park, Paving Way for New Structure

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Koregaon Park, 11th July 2024: The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has commenced the demolition of the Sadhu Vaswani Bridge in the Queen’s Garden area, marking the end of an era for the 50-year-old structure. The construction of a new bridge aims to alleviate traffic congestion in the Koregaon Park area, a significant concern for residents and commuters.

The decision to demolish the bridge follows concerns about its structural integrity. The bridge had become increasingly dangerous due to the heavy vehicles that regularly traversed it. In March 2018, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Corporation initiated a technical audit and inspection of old bridges and railway flyovers throughout the city. The report by a consultant (COEP) confirmed that the Sadhu Vaswani Bridge was unsafe for continued use.

Initially, there was debate over whether to repair or replace the 500-meter-long bridge, which had last undergone repairs 17 years ago by the Public Works Department. During this period, heavy traffic was restricted on the bridge to mitigate risks.

A comprehensive transport plan, integrating routes from Koregaon Park to Bund Garden Bridge, was eventually devised, leading to the final decision to demolish and rebuild the Sadhu Vaswani Bridge. The railway administration also granted the necessary permissions for the demolition.

Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Minister Chandrakant Patil laid the foundation stone for the new bridge, signaling the official start of the project. Prior to the demolition, the traffic system in Koregaon Park was altered on a trial basis to ensure minimal disruption. Following the success of this experimental traffic re-routing, the demolition work commenced.

The project for the new bridge is estimated to cost ₹83 crores, with substantial financial provisions allocated in the municipal budget. The new bridge is expected to significantly improve traffic flow and safety in the Koregaon Park area, addressing long-standing infrastructure challenges.

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The Sadhu Vaswani Bridge, built five decades ago, has witnessed Pune’s transformation over the years. Its demolition marks a significant step towards modernizing the city’s infrastructure and ensuring safer, more efficient transportation for its residents. The new bridge is anticipated to not only resolve existing traffic woes but also to stand as a symbol of progress and development for Pune.