Drunk Driving in Pune: 1,684 Licenses Suspended, Rs 12.22 Crore Fines Levied From Unruly Drivers

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Reported by Sumit Singh

Pune, 11th July 2024: In response to a spike in serious accidents caused by drunk driving, the Pune police have intensified their campaign against intoxicated motorists. Following the tragic accident in Kalyaninagar, where a two-wheeler computer engineer lost his life, the authorities have taken strict measures to curb the menace of drunk driving.

Over the past one and a half months, the police have acted against 1,684 drunk drivers, with their driving licenses suspended for three months. This decisive action comes after the Kalyaninagar incident on May 19, where the son of builder Vishal Agarwal was detained for his involvement in the fatal collision. A police constable patrolling the Mumbai-Pune road died and another sustained injuries after being hit by a drunk motorist on Sunday at midnight.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rohidas Pawar emphasized the strict enforcement measures, stating that any driver caught under the influence of alcohol will face a three-month suspension of their driving license. Repeat offenders will have their licenses permanently revoked. Pawar added that the regional transport (RTO) department’s assistance will be sought to ensure the effectiveness of this crackdown.

From May 21 to July 8, the police have taken action against 158,269 unruly drivers, collecting fines amounting to ₹12 crore 21 lakh 93 thousand 550 rupees. Violations include driving under the influence of alcohol, speeding, driving without a number plate, triple seating on two-wheelers, and driving in the opposite direction.

The intensified efforts against drunk drivers have been ongoing since the beginning of the year. From January 1 to June 30, action was taken against 1,684 drunk drivers, and a proposal for the three-month suspension of their licenses has been sent to the Regional Transport Department.

“We are committed to making Pune’s roads safer by taking stringent actions against those who drive under the influence of alcohol. Repeat offenders will face permanent revocation of their licenses,” affirmed DCP Pawar.

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The recent surge in enforcement aims to reduce the number of accidents and ensure that traffic rules are strictly followed.