Pune: Dhangekar Should Prioritize Kasba Over Kothrud – BJP’s Dheeraj Ghate

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Pune, 9th January 2024: Criticism has been directed at Congress MLA Ravindra Dhangekar for focusing on Kothrud instead of addressing issues in his constituency Kasba. The critique came from BJP city president Dheeraj Ghate during a press conference aimed at discussing strategies to combat criminal activities.


Following the recent demise of notorious gangster Sharad Mohol, Dhangekar shifted the spotlight to BJP leaders, demanding a ‘crime-free, fear-free Kothrud.’ However, Ghate expressed his disagreement with Dhangekar’s priorities.


Accompanied by prominent party members including General Secretary Ravindra Salegaonkar, Puneet Joshi, Varsha Tapkir, Sanjay Mayekar, Pushkar Tuljapurkar, Hemant Lele, and others, Ghate addressed the issue head-on.


Ghate stated, “Ravindra Dhangekar, a temporary MLA of the Congress is always embedded in the circle of contractors, criticized the Bharatiya Janata Party. A person who assaults officers has no moral right to speak against our leaders. Dhangekar is making such statements for the sake of popularity; he is a balloon full of air, and this balloon will burst soon.”


Responding to Dhangekar’s accusations against BJP leaders in connection with Sharad Mohol, Ghate clarified, “Chandrakant Patil has never met Mohol in the last four and a half years, so there is no truth in Dhangekar’s allegations.”