Pune Director’s Film ‘Aarya-Daughter of Bharat’ Selected for Screening at ‘Bollywood Festival-Norway’

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Pune, 4th September 2023: Marathi film ‘Aarya-Daughter of Bharat’ directed by Pune-based Nitin Bhaskar and produced by Sharad Patil of SS Film Production, Pune will be screened at the ‘Bollywood Festival-Norway’ from the 8th September 2023 to 14th September 2023. The only Marathi Film to be screened at the festival.

‘Aarya-Daughter of Bharat’ is a film based on the 2 distinct sections of India, the modern urban ‘India’ and the traditional rural ‘Bharat’ as is referred to in the film. The story is about a girl who is caught in the difference between India and Bharat owing to parents from these two diverse backgrounds. The film handles the differences in culture, technology, and thought processes in an interesting way elevating the curiosity of the audience to know if and how ‘Aarya’ breaks free from these boundaries to explore life on her own terms.

Expressing his delight about the selection, Nitin Bhaskar, Director, Aarya-Daughter of Bharat, said, “I always feel that there are two countries living in our country, one is the modern India and the other is the traditional rural Bharat. ‘Aarya- Daughter of Bharat’ is woven around this thought and I wanted the world to see what we experience.”

“We submitted the film only to the ‘Bollywood Festival –Norway’ and in our first attempt itself, it was selected. A lot of films need multiple attempts and hence this is a big achievement for us.” he added further.

Sharing his happiness, Sharad Patil, Producer, Aarya-Daughter of Bharat said, “It is overwhelming that ‘Aarya- Daughter of Bharat’ is the only Marathi film to be showcased at the ‘Bollywood Festival-Norway’. We are representing the Marathi Film Industry internationally and this itself heightens our zeal to produce more art films in the coming future.”

The film credits are as follows: Story, Dialogue & Lyrics – Dr. Prakash Parienkar; Screenplay – Dr. Prakash Parienkar, Shrikant Bhide; Chief Assistant Director – Sagar Rathod; Production Manager – Amol Landge; Art Director – Nitin Borkar; Executive Producer – Vijaykumar Magre; Makeup – Vishakha Shinde; Costume – Yogita Patil; Editor – Smiitaa Phadkke ; DI Colorist – Vinod Raje; Music – Rohit Nagbhide; VFX Supervisor – Atmaram Sawant, Siddharth Tori; Sound Design & Mixing Engineer – Dhananjay Sathe; Cinematography – S. Sameer; Producer – Sharad Patil, Anjali Patil; Director – Nitin Bhaskar

About Bollywood Festival-Norway –The Indian Dance and Film Festival is the biggest annual film festival in Norway being organized since 2003. The festival is devoted to the greater appreciation of Indian Cinema and Culture by showcasing films, supporting emerging filmmakers, and recognizing the leadership of the Indian Film Industry by providing a platform in Norway. The idea of the festival is to not only foster Norwegian-Indian relations but to also create an international platform for the Indian Film Industry.