Pune: Doctor Couple Booked For Illegal Abortion In Rape Case

Hadapsar Police Station
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Hadapsar, 9th February 2024: A young woman was allegedly ‘raped’ by an acquaintance she met through social media. When she became pregnant, was coerced and threatened by the accused young man and his relatives to undergo an illegal abortion. The Hadapsar police have registered a case against the accused youth, along with his family members and the doctor involved.

According to the police, the victim had relocated to Pune for educational purposes. She met the accused through social media. The perpetrator allegedly ensnared her in a web of deceit, luring her into a fictitious marriage before committing the act of ‘rape’. When the survivor inquired about marriage, he started avoiding her.

Upon learning of the young woman’s pregnancy, his parents reportedly pressured her to undergo an abortion. The survivor claimed in her complaint that she was threatened with violence and death, including the threat of being thrown into the Ujani Dam if she did not comply with their demands.

The victim was coerced into visiting the doctor’s hospital in Uruli Kanchan for an abortion, where the procedure was allegedly conducted illegally.

Assistant Police Inspector Umesh Rokde is conducting further investigation.