Pune Traffic Branch Initiates Study to Alleviate Congestion at Major Junctions

Pune University Chowk traffic
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Pune, 9th February 2024: The Pune city traffic branch has embarked on a comprehensive study of 12 key junctions with the primary objective of mitigating traffic congestion and enhancing vehicular mobility across the city.

The identified junctions under scrutiny include Katraj Chowk, Khadi Machine Chowk, Shastri Chowks in Yerwada and Khadki, two junctions in Wagholi, Bremen Chowk, Sai Chowk (Khadki), University Chowk, Shimla Office Chowk, RTO Chowk, and Navale Bridge.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Shashikant Borate explained, “Our teams are diligently assessing the vehicular traffic at each junction during various hours of the day to understand the flow patterns. Simultaneously, we are exploring strategies to enhance vehicular mobility, such as adjusting signal timings, implementing minor infrastructural modifications, addressing encroachments, and more. The study is expected to conclude within the next two to three days, following which the proposed solutions will be implemented in collaboration with PMC or state PWD officials.”

DCP Borate highlighted specific interventions already initiated, stating, “At Sai and Shastri Chowks in Khadki, we have optimized space for motorists by realigning side margins, providing free left turns for vehicles heading towards Khadki Ammunition Factory or Mula Road, and widening the junctions. We have also collaborated with PMC authorities to address drainage caps and potholes in certain areas.”

The study has identified potential improvements, with Borate elaborating, “Recommendations include leveling road areas at Khadi Machine Chowk, installing speed breakers on narrow roads leading to Katraj-Kondhwa Chowk, and addressing the reduction in road width from six to four lanes in the Wagholi area, urging authorities to widen the road margin.”

DCP Borate acknowledged ongoing Metro work at the University Chowk, stating, “Efforts are underway to divert a maximum number of vehicles towards Khadki from Bremen Chowk during this period.”