Pune: Drainage Woes Plague Gangamata Chowk to Shatrunjay Mandir Road; PMC Faces Backlash Over Inaction

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Kondhwa, 31st January 2024: The citizens of Kondhwa are grappling with a month-long ordeal as drainage water from Gangamata Chowk to Shree Shatrunjay Bhaktamar Jain Temple continues to inundate the area, raising serious concerns about public health and safety.

The situation has been exacerbated by the collapse of the drainage channel near VIIT Chowk, leading to waterlogging on the main road and causing severe inconvenience for commuters.

Despite numerous complaints from the residents, Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is facing criticism for its apparent neglect of the issue. The Bibwewadi Ward office, responsible for the area, has allegedly turned a blind eye to the escalating problem, prompting residents to voice their grievances.

The persisting drainage issue has resulted in disputes among citizens due to the unpleasant splashing of toilet water on the road. The lack of prompt action from authorities has irked motorists and residents alike, as the entire road remains submerged, emitting a foul stench that permeates the surrounding area.

The affected road is a vital artery for daily commuters, connecting Gangamata Chowk to Shree Shatrunjay Bhaktamar Jain Temple. The constant traffic flow, coupled with the narrow road, has led to further deterioration due to the stagnant drainage water. The bustling market yard in the vicinity witnesses a high influx of citizens, worsening the overall condition of the road.

Expressing their frustration, many motorists have highlighted the physical exertion required to navigate the waterlogged road daily. The unpleasant odours and inconvenience caused by the drainage water have sparked concerns about the potential impact on citizens’ health.

In response to the mounting criticism, Rajesh Patil, Deputy Engineer of the Bibwewadi ward office, stated, “Repairing the main road has proven challenging due to the extent of the damage. We have attempted night shifts in recent days, but unfortunately, those efforts were not successful. We assure the citizens that the necessary repairs will be completed within the next two days, with utmost consideration for minimizing inconvenience.”