5 Flight Cancelled At Pune Airport Due To Adverse Weather Conditions

Pune airport
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Viman Nagar, 31st January 2024: Today, Pune Airport faced disruptions in its flight schedule as a result of adverse weather conditions. Five flights, including two departures from Pune, had to be canceled, causing inconvenience to passengers.

The airport authorities, led by Director Santosh Dhokhe, released information about the affected flights. The cancellations were as follows:

1. Flight Number: 6E0623
– Departure Time: 02:50 AM
– Destination: GAU (Guwahati)

2. Flight Number: 6E0242
– Departure Time: 03:40 AM
– Destination: IXC (Chandigarh)

1. Flight Number: 6E0681
– Arrival Time: 00:25 AM
– Origin: IXC

2. Flight Number: 6E0746
– Arrival Time: 02:10 AM
– Origin: GAU

3. Flight Number: 6E6884
– Arrival Time: 05:00 AM
– Origin: GOX (Goa)