Pune: DRDO Unveils Revolutionary Robotic Car Kit for Armed Forces

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Pune, 13th January 2024: In a groundbreaking two-day exhibition held in Pashan, Pune, several startups specializing in defence products showcased their innovations alongside the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). One of the highlights of the exhibition was DRDO’s demonstration of a special kit enabling remote-controlled driving for any car, specifically designed to meet the challenges faced by the Armed Forces.

The unique feature of this kit lies in its adaptability, allowing it to be installed in any car, transforming it into a fully automatic and unmanned vehicle. The installation renders conventional car controls, such as steering, clutch, accelerator, and brakes, entirely automatic, controlled by a remote sensor.

Key Features:

1. Versatile Weapon Integration: The kit provides the option to equip the car with guns, rocket launchers, and other necessary weaponry as per the Armed Forces’ requirements.

2. Payload Capability: In sensitive situations, a payload can be installed on the car’s roof, enabling the integration of various weapons, enhancing the vehicle’s strategic capabilities.

3. Remote Control Operation: Once the kit is installed, the car is operated remotely, making it unmanned and suitable for deployment in critical and emergency situations.

Scientific Advancements and Patent Application:

Manish Sahu, Scientist from the Vehicle Research Department of DRDO in Ahmednagar, shared insights into the development process, stating, “The kit has been developed at the Vehicle Research Development Laboratory in Ahmednagar, making it a first-of-its-kind innovation in India. We have applied for a patent, and we eagerly await its approval.”

The kit, aptly named the robotic car kit, is equipped with hundreds of microcontrollers. A 360-degree camera constantly monitors the car’s brakes, accelerator, and speed, offering real-time data for effective remote control.

Sahu emphasized that the kit’s primary design focuses on military applications and emergency situations, particularly during times of war. As of now, it has been exclusively designed for the army’s use. The exhibition served as a platform to showcase not only DRDO’s cutting-edge creation but also to foster collaboration and innovation within the defense technology sector.

The success of this groundbreaking kit adds another feather to DRDO’s cap, reinforcing its commitment to advancing technological capabilities for the country’s defense forces.