Pune: Drivers’ Association Protests Against Hit and Run Act in Wagholi

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Wagholi, 10th January 2024: The East Haveli Drivers’ Association intensified its protest in Wagholi today, once again demanding the repeal of the Hit and Run Act. In a bizarre turn of events, drivers who chose not to participate in the protest were reportedly slapped by their fellow drivers.

The organization issued a stern warning, threatening to escalate their agitation if the perceived oppressive law, enacted by the central government, is not repealed promptly. Drivers hailing from Wagholi, Lonikand, Bhavdi, Phulgaon, and surrounding areas actively participated in the demonstration, expressing their discontent with the current legislation.

Proclamations against the Hit and Run Act were prominently displayed during the protest, highlighting the drivers’ collective resistance to the legislation. The association argued that the law imposes undue burdens on drivers, and they demand a reconsideration of its provisions. As per the new law, if a driver fleds without informing authorities (police/ambulance) after accident, then the punishment will be Rs seven lakh fine and 10 years imprisonment.

In a symbolic gesture of protest, even drivers who were operating their vehicles took part by refusing to wear shoes, emphasizing their urgency and commitment to the cause.

This protest follows a previous demonstration held at Wagholi Bazar ground a few days ago. The drivers’ association’s persistence in voicing their opposition to the Hit and Run Act underscores the gravity of their grievances. The repeated protests indicate a growing discontent among drivers in the region.

As tensions rise, the local administration is closely monitoring the situation.