Pune: Due To Increasing Cases Of Cyber ​​Crime, Soon Complaints To Be Registered At Every Police Station

Amitabh Gupta Pune CP
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Pune, 27th July 2022: The number of cyber crimes is increasing in Pune city and the complainants have to go to the cyber police station in Shivajinagar at the police headquarters to file a cyber crime complaint. As per the order of Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta, measures have been started to register the complaints of cyber crimes in the police stations.

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Five constables and one officer of each police station in the city will be trained in registering cyber crimes and investigating them. The percentage of cyber crimes is increasing in Pune city. Cyber ​​thieves use different types of lures to fool common people such as sending gifts from abroad, a job offer from abroad, sale of household items on the website.

In case of cyber fraud, complainants have to go to a cyber police station in Shivajinagar. After the complaint is lodged in the cyber police station, the application is verified and handed over to the police station for investigation, taking into consideration the nature of the crime concerned.

Serious crimes are registered at the cyber police station. The senior officers gave instructions after realizing that there is a delay in registering cyber crimes due to the lack of trained personnel in the police stations registering cyber crimes. The number of cyber complaints in the cyber police station is increasing and the manpower in the police station is insufficient. Therefore, measures have been initiated to register complaints of cyber crimes in police stations.

The cyber police station on the premises of police headquarters receives approximately 100 complaints every day. The number of staff in the cyber police station is insufficient compared to the number of complaints. While the number of cyber crimes is increasing, the detection rate is less.

To reduce the pressure on the cyber police station, a cyber complaint cell will be started in every police station. One officer and five constables from each police station will under this cell. After the implementation of the Cyber ​​Complaint Cell in the local Police Stations, complainants will not have to go to Cyber ​​Police Station in Shivajinagar. Under the guidance of Deputy Commissioner of Police Bhagyashree Navatke of the Cyber ​​Crime Branch, Assistant Commissioner Vijaykumar Palasule, Senior Police Inspector of Cyber ​​Police Station D. S. Hake has prepared guidelines.

Crimes like email hacking as well as misuse of email, incitement through social media, defamation, obscene videos, financial cyber crimes, and mobile, electronic materials will be investigated at the level of police stations.

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