Pune Economy: MCCIA Survey Finds Rise In Production Level, Employee Strength

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Pune, October 6, 2020: The Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA) conducted the sixth survey on ‘resumption of economic activity’ during the Coronavirus disease (COVID19) times. More than 150 organisations participated in this survey from Pune district. 

Current level of Production: On average, the surveyed companies said that their current level of production has gone up from 50% in August to 55% in September 2020. 

Employees Working: On average, the surveyed companies said that the number of employees working has gone up from 56% in August to 67% in September 2020.

Future expectations: The surveyed companies were also asked about when their production levels were expected to be the same as they were in January 2020. As compared to 15% of respondents in August, 22% of the respondents now said that they expect their production levels to go back to the pre-COVID levels in less than 3 months. 55% of the respondents said they expect it to take between 3 to 9 months and 24% said they could not comment on it at the moment. A few of the companies who said their recovery back to pre-Covid levels would take more than 9 months in August, now said that it would take between 3 to 9 months.

Profile of respondents: The distribution of organisations surveyed from micro, small, medium and large scale organisations was 33%, 33%, 17% and 17% respectively. 63% of the organisations surveyed were from the manufacturing sector, 24% from the services sector and the rest were involved in both manufacturing and services.

Sudhir Mehta, president, MCCIA, said, “We are glad to see the month on month growth in production levels and employee strength. We hope that these figures go back to the pre-COVID levels by the end of this calendar year, or in the worst case by the end of this financial year.”

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