Pune: Electricity Outage In Dhayari, DSK World Area After Power Line Broke In JCB Excavation

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Dhayari, 28th March 2022: Excavation by JCB for a water pipeline in the DSK World area today broke down MSEDCL’s 22 KV underground power line at 1.20 pm. As a result, power supply to DSK substation was cut off and power supply to about 25,000 consumers in Dhayari village, DSK Vishwa, Raikar Mala, part of Sinhagad road was disrupted.


Meanwhile, the power supply was restored in the afternoon through an alternative system. However, the power supply was disrupted again due to the breakage of the overhead wire. The repair work of the underground power line was completed by 7.30 pm. After that, the power supply in all the areas was restored by 8.15 pm after taking the test.


It is learned that power is supplied to MSEDCL’s DSK substation from Nanded City 220 KV substation through Rajyog 22 KV underground channel. Excavations are underway today by JCB for the pipeline in the DSK World area. The power supply of DSK substation was completely cut off due to the disconnection of Rajyog power line. As a result, the power supply to Dhayari village, Raikar Mala, DSK Vishwa and part of Sinhagad road on all four power lines from this substation was cut off at 1.20 pm.


In another incident, a fire broke out near MSEDCL’s ringmen unit at DSK Vishwa, causing severe damage to the power lines and requiring immediate repairs.


MSEDCL engineers and staff immediately took technical measures for alternative power supply and started power supply in all areas at 4.15 pm. However, at around 6 pm, an overhead power line in the alternative system broke and the power supply was cut off again.


Meanwhile, the repair work of the broken underground power line was completed by 7.30 pm. After that, the power supply was restored by 8.15 pm by taking the test.


The power outages were reported to the concerned consumers via SMS on their registered mobile numbers.