Pune: Electronic Interlocking (EI) At Lonavala – One Of The Biggest EI Of Central Railway

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Lonavala, 1st November 2021: Central Railway has successfully completed the work of replacing Route Relay Interlocking at Lonavala with Electronic Interlocking which is one of the biggest EI on Central Railway.


The new EI has dual VDU system, MSDAC with DC track circuit, fuse alarm system and a terminal for troubleshooting of EI system.


It is also provided with Earth leakage detector, Fire alarm and a 300AH VRLA Battery.


4096 Digital & 32 analog input datalogger at OC and 1032 Digital & 32 analog input datalogger is provided.


All these have been provided with potential free contacts wired in Data logger.


Important milestones achieved in this work

1. Replacement of RRI with new ELECTRONIC INTERLOCKING (EI) to enhance reliability of signal gears.
2. MECHANICAL lever frame of LNL A cabin has been removed and merged in new EI which will enhance safety of train traffic.
3. Its one of the biggest EIectromic interlocking of Central Railway with 293 routes.
4. With closure of LNL A cabin, there will be less requirement of Manpower.