Pune: Employee Unions Of Bank Of Maharashtra Protest For Various Demands, Threaten To Go On All India Strike

bank of maharashtra protest
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Pune, 22nd September 2021: All India Bank of Maharashtra Employees Federation (AIBOMEF), Bank of Maharashtra Karmachari Mahasangh (BOMKM), Bank of Maharashtra Karmachari Sena (BOMKS) and Mahabank Navnirman Sena (MNS) today jointly organised a protest for various demands.

The demands are

1. recruitment of PTS by absorption of temporary or outsourced employees,

2. recruitment of Sub-staff by converting part time Sub-staff to full-time,

3. Adequate recruitment of clerks,

4. Withdrawal of administrative transfer policy,

5. Security arrangements at Branches/ATMs.

AIBOMEF, BOMKM, BOMKS, MNS jointly organised a protest at Lokmangal Building, the head office of the Bank of Maharashtra, in Shivajinagar, under the leadership of Dhananjay Kulkarni, Convener of United Forum of Employees of BOM, Shailesh Tilekar of AIBOMEF, Ravindra Joshi of BOMKM, Anant Sawant of BOMKS, Manmohan Raja Patil of MNS.

Kulkarni said, “On the one hand, the bank’s turnover and profits are increasing. In the banking sector, Mahabank is considered the best bank. In this achievement, the contribution of every employee is notable. The bank is not recruiting clerical staff. Also, vacancies due to death, resignation, retirement and promotion of employees have not been filled yet. As a result, there is a big deal of stress on employees when it comes to customer service. Despite the desire, there are limitations on employees providing good service. Therefore, it is necessary to recruit clerical staff as soon as possible, withdraw administrative transfer policy, provide security at bank branches and ATMs and other demands.”

Ravindra Joshi said, “These demands are being pursued continuously. Earlier, we celebrated demand’s day- Badge wearing and did an Appeal to MD & CEO by sending emails by all branch staff, Dharna and Mass Deputation at all ZOs, Twitter Campaign tagging MD-CEO and FM Secretary DFS. Today, we sat for a protest at Lokmangal.

If our demands are not fulfilled we will go on one day All India Strike on 27th September 2021. If demands are not fulfilled then we will do a two days All India Strike in October. We will celebrate Mahabank’s foundation day as Grahak Abhiwadan Divas. All the employees have united to wake up the insensitive bank management.”

Branch wise Clerk’s average is 1.97

In the last 10 years, Mahabank’s business increased from 1,04,230 crore to 2,81,659 crore. That means it has increased three times. Branches also increased from 1453 to 1945. But, Clerical staff decreased constantly. The average number of branch wise clerks has come down from 4 to 1.97 in the last 10 years. There were 5,816 clerks in 2009-10. Today this number is 3840. The number of sub-staff has also come down from 2809 to 1453. Its average ratio has come down from 1.99 to 0.74.

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