Pune: Excavation in Sadashiv Peth Permitted Only with Prior Payment and Written Permission – MSEDCL

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Sadashiv Peth, 27th March 2024: The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Limited (MSEDCL) has issued a clarification regarding excavation activities in Sadashiv Peth, emphasizing that digging is allowed only upon payment of the invoice and obtaining written permission.


The excavation endeavor in Sadashiv Peth was initiated after securing written approval from the road department of the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC). This permission was sought to facilitate the installation of a new underground power line, intended to supply power to two distribution transformers in the area, serving approximately 274 consumers, comprising both domestic and commercial entities.


The disruption in power supply to these distribution units, attributed to a fault in the 11 KV underground power line, necessitated the replacement of the defective line, especially with the escalating power load observed during the summer season. Subsequently, MSEDCL submitted a map outlining the proposed excavation area to the concerned authorities.


On March 11, MSEDCL remitted a sum of Rs. 5,48,640 (Challan No. 16170) for excavation purposes. Following this, the road department granted written permission on March 13, stipulating that the excavation and replacement work should be completed between March 15 and March 31.


The excavation work commenced on March 22, following a reduction in traffic, with approximately 50% of the task completed before it was halted based on municipal directives.


MSEDCL has clarified that excavation activities will resume only after adherence to the protocol, which mandates payment of the invoice and obtaining written permission from the concerned authorities.


This clarification aims to ensure that all excavation work in Sadashiv Peth proceeds in accordance with established procedures, safeguarding against any disruptions to public utilities and infrastructure.