Pune: Explosion In Gas Furnace Company In Hinjawadi; 20 Workers Sustain Injuries

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Hinjawadi, 27th December 2023: An explosion rocked Accord Autocomp Pvt Ltd in Hinjawadi, leaving 20 workers severely injured. The explosion, which occurred in a gas furnace on Tuesday (26th December) morning, has prompted an investigation by the Hinjawadi Police.

Sagar Laxman Solse, a 35-year-old resident of Ghotavade, filed a complaint with the Hinjawadi Police Station, resulting in a case being registered against the owner administration of Accord Autocomp Pvt Ltd and individuals involved in maintenance work.

According to police reports, the incident transpired when Sagar and 19 other workers were engaged in coating work within the oven machine of the automobile parts gas furnace. Unexpectedly, a powerful explosion erupted within the gas furnace, propelling coating powder and parts towards the workers. As a result, all 20 workers sustained serious injuries.

Preliminary findings suggest that the explosion was a consequence of inadequate maintenance of the gas furnace. The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident to ascertain the root cause and determine liability.

The injured workers were swiftly transported to medical facilities for urgent treatment. Hinjawadi Police are investigating this matter further.