Pune: Failing To Get A Job, Symbiosis Student Dies By Suicide

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Pune, 16th July 2022: On Friday, a young Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT) student from Sus village died by suicide after jumping from the eighth storey of his residence.

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The Hinjawadi police said the suicide note left by the victim, Akshay Amol Mategaonkar, a fourth-year student, reveals he was upset and under stress over not being able to get a good job. They added that they are looking into the matter.


In the note to his parents and sister, he wrote, “Mom, Dad, I was unable to fulfil your requests. I tried so hard, yet I still failed. “I’m sorry, mom, dad, and Akanksha.”


According to the cops, they are looking into whether there was another factor besides the employment issue. Only after a comprehensive investigation will it be revealed if there were any additional factors that led the young person to act in such a drastic way.


Vivek Mugadikar, Senior Inspector, said, “The victim’s friends called the police to report the occurrence, and then a squad went to the scene.”


He added, “We went to the location and performed a panchnama. As of now, we have recorded the case as an unintentional fatality in our station notebook. We are conducting an additional investigation.”


The police said that the victim’s family claimed that he excelled in his studies and that they had never anticipated him to take such drastic measures for not being able to find a job.