Pune: Family Alleges Negligence in Teen’s Death at Poona Hospital

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Reported by Tikam Shekhawat & Sumit Singh

Sadashiv Peth, 5th July 2024: The family of 14-year-old Swaraj Pagare claims that his death was due to medical negligence at Poona Hospital in Pune. The family is also upset about the hospital’s decision to notify the police before informing them, which led to a heavy police presence, adding to their trauma and humiliation.

Swaraj, a ninth-grade student at Nobel Blooming Bird School and resident of Donje, was involved in an accident on June 11 while returning home from tuition in a shared autorickshaw. The vehicle collided with another car, injuring Swaraj’s right leg.


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His father, Subodh Pagare, has since approached the Pune city police, leading to the registration of an accidental death (AD) case, pending inquiry, at Vishrambaug police station. Subodh has accused the hospital of medical negligence and requested an investigation into the actions of the hospital staff and doctors. The police are currently awaiting the post-mortem report and medical experts’ opinion from state-government-run Sassoon General Hospital.