Pune: Farmers Discard Marigold Flowers As Prices Plummet On Dussehra

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Pune, 25th October 2023: The Market Yard witnessed an unprecedented influx of marigold flowers this Dussehra, setting a record for the occasion. Despite high hopes, these vibrant blooms were sold at bargain prices ranging from Rs 5 to 10 per kilogram during the festival. Unfortunately, the demand for marigolds didn’t match the supply, leaving farmers in despair and compelling them to discard the flowers on the road.

Dussehra traditionally sparks a surge in demand for various flowers, including marigolds. However, this year saw a notable increase in flower production, resulting in a substantial oversupply. Farmers brought significant quantities of flowers to the market, aiming to profit from the festival. Regrettably, the surplus flowers were left unsold, and in desperation, they were discarded. Flowers were thrown across the flower market and Shivneri Road, rendering them a waste.

The marigold flowers, transported to the market from regions like Pune, Solapur, Kolhapur, Hingoli, Beed, and Osmanabad, initially fetched prices between Rs 20 and 25 per kilogram on Monday. However, the situation took a downturn as the price plummeted to Rs 5-10 per kilogram by Tuesday. According to trader Sagar Bhosale, the market was flooded with marigolds, making it challenging to sell them.

Arun Veer, the President of the Akhil Phulbazar Adte Association, highlighted the challenges faced by farmers this year, emphasizing that the oversupply caused farmers to be unable to secure the desired prices for their marigolds. As a result, the farmers were left with no choice but to cast the flowers aside and return empty-handed.


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