Pune: Farmers Oppose Ring Road, High-Speed Railway Project

Agricultural Farming
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Pune, 18th June 2021: The proposed Pune -Nashik semi high-speed railway project will be cutting through Pune ring road and it will be going through Charholi Khurd and Markal villages. The projects have received stiff opposition from the farmers in these villages. The farmers in Alandi opposed the land measurement and drawing.

Recently, a meeting was held between regional officer Vikrant Chavhan and Sandip Patil and the farmers. In this meeting, farmers opposed land acquisition for the proposed projects and asked the administration to consider the optional routes.

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“These projects will take away our fertile land. Therefore we don’t want this project on our land”, said the farmers.

Instead, the administration should use government and Forest department’s land, suggested farmers. The officers present assured them that they will convey the farmers’ demand to senior officers.

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