Pune FDA Staff Step Up To Fight Milk Adulteration Amid Challenges

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Pune, 2nd September 2023: The District Food and Drug Administration (FDA) employees, who form part of the committee dedicated to curbing milk and milk product adulteration, are actively working to combat this issue. This commitment was affirmed during a meeting held at the District Collector’s office on Friday.

During the meeting, FDA officials and employees expressed their dissatisfaction with inspections being hindered by other duties, leading to a protest in front of Additional Collector Ajay More, who chairs the committee. Subsequently, Additional Collector Ajay More instructed FDA employees to take immediate action to prevent milk adulteration in the region.

Adulteration of milk and milk products is a widespread concern in the state, prompting the Revenue Department to establish a committee chaired by the District’s Additional Collector. The committee includes key figures such as the Superintendent of Police, Joint Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration, Deputy Commissioner of Animal Husbandry, Deputy Registrar of Metrology, and District Dairy Officer.

In accordance with these efforts, Additional Collector More convened a meeting with officials and staff from the police department and FDA on Friday. Notably, the Joint Commissioner of FDA was absent from the meeting.

A dedicated team was formed during the meeting to conduct daily inspections and check three milk and milk product samples for adulteration. However, FDA officials and employees reportedly expressed negativity towards this initiative. They argued that investigations and actions should be carefully planned before implementation. Additional Collector More directly admonished FDA officers and employees, ordering them to investigate and take action under any circumstances.

While a committee has been established to combat milk and milk product adulteration in the city and district, the active involvement of FDA is crucial in ensuring public health. The committee emphasizes regular inspections and immediate action if adulteration is detected. However, discouraging inspections themselves could raise questions about the government’s credibility. Therefore, committee members are expected to adhere to the established plan, as highlighted by Additional Collector and Committee Chairman Ajay More.


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