Pune Firefighters Douse Flames at Kharadi Godown

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Kharadi, 8th May 2024: Today at 02:11 PM, the Pune Fire Brigade sprang into action following reports of a fire outbreak at a godown situated in the vicinity of Shinde Dairy, Kharadi, Pune. A total of 7 vehicles, including water tankers dispatched from Yerwada, Dhanori, Hadapsar, and headquarters, along with a water bowser from the PMRDA fire brigade, were immediately mobilized to the scene.

Upon arrival, firefighters were met with a daunting sight as flames engulfed the godown premises, consuming a variety of materials including handcarts, cylinders, tyres, and food stalls. The fire brigade personnel initiated a multi-pronged water attack, strategically targeting the blaze from all four sides using fire engines.

Amidst the chaos, firefighters acted decisively, swiftly removing approximately 20 to 25 cylinders to prevent further escalation of the inferno. Their coordinated efforts bore fruit as the blaze was successfully brought under control by around 03:03 PM. Subsequently, cooling operations were undertaken to ensure complete extinguishment of any residual flames.

There were no reported injuries or fatalities resulting from the fire incident. However, the exact cause of the fire remains undetermined at this time.