Pune Firefighters Tackle 25 Tree Fall Cases During Monsoon Downpour

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Pune, 20th May 2024: Heavy rainfall on Monday evening led to tree fall incidents in 25 locations across the city. Firefighters swiftly responded to the scenes, working to remove fallen trees and ensure public safety.

One particularly alarming incident occurred in the Empress Garden area, where a tree toppled onto a car. Firefighters promptly arrived, successfully extricating a person trapped inside the vehicle by removing the obstructing tree branch.

The city has been experiencing consistent rainfall as the Monsoon progresses. Monday afternoon witnessed intense showers accompanied by strong winds, contributing to the uprooting of trees in various areas.

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The heavy rainfall resulted in multiple instances of tree falls, causing disruptions and posing risks to residents. In one incident, driver Dnyaneshwar Bhasipalle sustained injuries when a tree collapsed onto his car in the Empress Garden vicinity. He was promptly transported to Sassoon Hospital for medical treatment, with reports indicating injuries to his leg.