Pune: Food Vendors Hold Protest Against Demolition Of Their Stalls On Sinhgad Fort

sinhgad fort
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Donje, 20th November 2022: Food stall vendors whose shops were razed by the forest department at the Sinhgad Fort today held a protest.

More than 100 citizens gathered at Pune Darwaja on the fort at 8 am for the protest. In their hands were plates and bowls for begging. They were begging the tourists coming to the fort. The vendors were supported by local politicians from various parties.

According to them, all the vendors are locals. They have been in business for over 50 years. This is the main occupation of their livelihood. All the vendors are at different places in the fort. They were to be relocated to one or two places and given stalls. Some time was to be given to removing the stalls. This was discussed by the Forest Department on Tuesday, November 15. It was approved by vendors but the forest department unexpectedly took anti-encroachment action before giving the stall at the new place.

“Many families live in the fort. Due to the action, they spent the night in the open with children and the elderly. Their properties were damaged and business was destroyed. The financial shock caused by the action will not be tolerated. We now have no choice but to beg”, stated a letter submitted to the authorities.

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