Pune Forest Department Swiftly Responds to Mohammed Wadi Fire Incident; Two Minors Arrested

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Mohammed Wadi, 30th April 2024: The Pune Forest Department has taken action in response to the fire incident in Mohammed Wadi on Monday (29th April). In this fire, 2 hectares of saplings planted by the Anandvan Foundation and through people’s initiatives suffered heavy damage. Regarding this incident, authorities rushed to the spot, investigated, and identified two minor boys from Krishna Nagar who were arrested after reviewing CCTV footage.

A devastating forest fire occurred in Survey No. 41 area of Mohammed Wadi in Pune on Monday. Upon receiving the information, members of the Anandvan Foundation, officials from the Pune Forest Division, Pune Fire Brigade, and Pune Municipal Corporation swiftly responded to the scene and successfully extinguished the fire. Following the containment of the blaze, these authorities began reviewing CCTV footage from nearby locations to determine the exact cause of the fire.

During the investigation, it was uncovered that the fire was intentionally set. Two minor boys from the adjacent Krishna Nagar area were identified in the footage, leading to their arrest. Further inquiries are underway to register the appropriate charges for the crime.

To prevent fires in forested areas, the forest department always maintains a ready team due to the increasing incidents. Forest department officials continuously monitor CCTV cameras and drones to prevent forest fires and mitigate subsequent losses. The action taken against the minor boys was carried out under the guidance of Khed Shivapur Forester T V Yadav, along with forest officers RD Jadhav, Anil Rathod, MB Godge, Ashok Gaikwad, Sanjeev Kamble, etc.

The Pune Forest Division has instructed citizens in forest areas to immediately contact the forest department helpline number, 1923, in case of incidents such as fire, hunting, encroachment, or trafficking of forest produce, and provide information.