Pune: Free Mental Well-being Workshops for Schools: Empowering Children, Tackling Rising Mental Health Challenges

Pune: Free Mental Well-being Workshops for Schools: Empowering Children, Tackling Rising Mental Health Challenges
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Pune, 22nd June 2023: In India, the majority of children with mental health disorders remain undiagnosed and hesitant to seek help or treatment. According to the Indian Journal of Psychiatry (2019), even before the pandemic struck, at least 50 million children in India were affected by mental health issues. Shockingly, 80-90 percent of them had not sought any form of support or assistance.

These alarming statistics underscore the urgent need to address the mental well-being of Indian students. To combat this pressing issue, Anhad and Punekar News proudly present the “101 Days Mental Health Awareness Program,” offering free workshops tailored specifically for schools.

From 21st June to 10th October 2023, this comprehensive initiative aims to empower students, teachers, and parents by prioritizing mental well-being. The workshops will directly tackle prevalent concerns such as attention deficit (ADHD), screen addiction, hyperactivity, and aggressive behavior, providing effective strategies and support systems.

Recognizing the critical role of parents and teachers, the program will include dedicated orientations to address parenting conflicts and enhance their understanding of their children’s emotional needs. By equipping parents and teachers with valuable insights, we can create a supportive environment that nurtures positive mental health.

The workshops will introduce activity-based learning approaches and mindfulness-based techniques, fostering emotional resilience and psychological well-being among students. By integrating these evidence-based practices into the educational curriculum, schools can empower students with essential life skills to navigate the unique challenges they face today.

The “Mental Health Awareness Program” by Anhad and Punekar News endeavors to break the silence surrounding mental health and provide a safe platform for open dialogue. By participating in these workshops, schools can take a proactive stance in addressing mental health issues and create a supportive community for children to express their feelings and seek assistance.

With the prevalence of undiagnosed mental health disorders and the reluctance to seek help, these free workshops hold immense importance in equipping students, parents, and teachers with the tools and knowledge necessary to promote a healthy mindset. The workshops will not only address the pressing challenges faced by students but also foster stronger parent-child and teacher-student relationships.

Registration for the free workshops is now open. Schools are urged to fill out the provided Google form (Fill the Form )to secure their participation. By joining forces and prioritizing mental well-being, schools can make a significant impact on the lives of Indian children, ensuring a brighter and healthier future.

Don’t miss this invaluable opportunity to empower your school community and tackle the rising mental health challenges faced by Indian students. Together, let’s make mental well-being a priority and create a nurturing environment where our children can thrive.